Quality Policy

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Quality Policy:

“Our Goal should be to own quality time in our customer’s inbox” At Focus Group, we provide quality products, expert services and customer support. Our history of excellence in designing and manufacturing and supplying products; providing leading edge technologies and services Our goal is to provide the innovative solutions that will enable you to control and improve the quality of our finished goods. All of our employees are committed to helping - you - the customer- achieve a consistent, high quality end product. Quality Assured. Quality Delivered: Our Guiding Principles

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) :

Our approach to product development and manufacturing assures that Quality is built into the product from the earliest stage. QFD requires a thorough understanding of a product, its process of manufacture, and customer expectations with respect to critical to quality attributes.

Process Excellence :

By defining, measuring, analyzing and controlling processes, we continually seek ways to improve their effectiveness.